Solo.io, the cloud-native application networking company, has announced the initial preview of Gloo Fabric, expanding the industry’s leading application networking platform, Gloo Platform, to include secure, multi-cloud networking. Gloo Fabric enables customers to build multi-cloud networks that include VM-based, container-based, or serverless applications. Gloo Fabric delivers a cloud native alternative to existing cloud networking solutions that are tied to a single vendor or cloud, or limit the types of applications that can be migrated to the cloud.

Features and benefits of Gloo Fabric include:

  • Integration with service mesh and API management capabilities of Gloo Platform
  • Unified control plane and API to manage networking resources for VM-based, container, and serverless applications
  • Multi-cluster and multi-cloud management
  • Centralized networking and security policy management
  • “Virtual Cloud” that enables secure, multi-tenant isolation between application resources
  • Dynamic resource discovery across private and public cloud environments
  • Integration with public cloud networking (e.g. VPCs)
  • Consistent, GitOps-based management of deployment resources

Purpose built with platform engineers in mind, Gloo Fabric offers the ability to bring VM-based, containerized, and serverless applications into a single zero trust security environment. With the cross-cloud discovery, connectivity, and security capabilities from Gloo Fabric, Gloo Platform provides a cloud lifecycle management offering that customers have been searching for.

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