Solo.io has announced several product updates that will advance the enterprise adoption, application, and use of service mesh technologies. The announcements were made at SoloCon, the company’s interactive, community-driven conference.

The company introduced Gloo Cloud, the first and only Istio Service Mesh as a Service that enables organizations to discover, connect, secure, observe, and federate their service traffic across clusters, data centers, and clouds.

The new service empowers enterprises to derive the full benefits of Istio, including global service load balancing, end-to-end zero-trust security, and federated traffic and access control. Gloo Cloud’s advanced features include complex rate limiting, usage plans, and billing use cases.

The company also announced that its Gloo Mesh offering now includes a single pane of glass view for multi-cluster observability, while Gloo Edge 2.0 now delivers the first Istio-native, fully-featured API gateway.

Also, Gloo Mesh now solves key traffic routing issues with Gloo Mesh Virtual Destinations. According to the company, Gloo Mesh Virtual Destinations maximizes persistence and minimizes latency by automatically routing traffic to the nearest healthy service.

Solo.io Gloo Portal, the developer portal for Istio, now contains full support for gRPC specifications. The integration of gRPC into Gloo Portal provides developers with unified access to all APIs, regardless of their specifications. Gloo Portal facilitates developer on-boarding, allowing them to more easily consume APIs. The offering also provides OpenAPI/Swagger specs support.

Gloo Cloud, Gloo Mesh enhancements, and Gloo Edge 2.0 will be available in beta during Q2 2021.

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