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0 has launched the Istio Developer Portal to streamline the developer onboarding process for improved developer experience and increased productivity with added security features.

With the Istio Developer Portal, organizations can catalog, manage, and securely publish APIs to a custom branded portal that accelerates onboarding for developers both inside and outside their organization. Additionally, this release enhances security for Istio with integration to authentication systems, Single Sign-On and API Keys capabilities.

Highlights of the Istio Developer Portal:

  • API Management: Curate, document and expose APIs running in Istio mesh to others in the organization or to external partners/users, and secure them with API keys and rate limiting.
  • Developer Onboarding: A clean and intuitive user experience makes it easy for developers to quickly search and browse the APIs they are authorized to use, get detailed information and easily test them.
  • OpenAPI Spec and gRPC Support: Automatically drive Istio configuration using gRPC and OpenAPI/Swagger specs. Auto-create Istio Gateway, VirtualService, Destination Rules and Envoy Filter resources to configure Istio ingress and to handle API security.
  • Declarative Configuration: Use custom resources in Kubernetes to describe all elements of the developer portal system including portals, APIs, policies and more.
  • Enhanced Security: A pluggable auth service allows integration of external auth systems – including OIDC, JWT and Single Sign-On (SSO) – to any Istio environment.
  • API Rate Limiting: Enforce Global Rate limiting on your APIs with the Istio Rate Limit extension.
  • Custom Branding: Create customized web-based portals with company logos, images, colors and content in addition to the published APIs.