Solvo, a provider of adaptive cloud infrastructure security solutions, has announced general availability in AWS Marketplace, an online catalog that simplifies the procurement, provisioning, and governance of third-party software, services, and data. Customers looking for cloud infrastructure security for their AWS deployments can now digitally transform and grow their business in a secure manner using Solvo’s real-time monitoring and analysis across infrastructure, applications, data and users.

Solvo offers a single pane of glass for security, DevOps and engineering teams, providing real-time detection of cloud infrastructure IAM misconfigurations and automatic remediation. Customers with AWS deployments can now leverage out-of-the-box policies for compliance and automatic detection of violations, along with an easy-to-understand and real-time graph visualization of cloud infrastructure access permissions.

The platform consists of five distinct modules which provide a comprehensive solution to manage entitlement administration from development all the way into production: SecurityGenie provides a free health check report for your cloud environment, providing insights about the IAM posture, misconfigurations and critical findings.

IAMagnifier provides deep graph analysis of your cloud assets, entitlements and permissions, highlighting misconfigurations and alerting about drifts. Also, Policy Manager conducts runtime analysis on the service to create the most granular and customized policy for that service running on the asset, making sure the environment is least-privileged at all times.

While Compliance Manager ensures your cloud environment is compliant on an ongoing basis, and not just before an audit, Data Posture Manager presents prioritized findings related to your data inventory, regarding risks, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Combined with the Policy Manager, these findings are easily remediated.

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