Source Defense has launched a cybersecurity training program to address the ever-growing threat of client-side cyberattacks on websites. Source Defense will partner with Signal Sciences, now part of Fastly, in launching the first course in Source Defense’s Cyber Academy.

The next-gen training and certification program is aimed at enhancing security professionals’ knowledge of client-side security and Magecart attacks.

Source Defense and Signal Sciences have developed curriculum designed specifically for remote technical personnel as they need to comprehend and respond to growing online security threats.

Through the Academy, Source Defense associates will enhance their knowledge on the importance of client-side threats in cybersecurity; increase understanding and awareness on attack methods and prevention technologies; and build better business practices to inform organizations about cybersecurity threats and risk .

The first class invites individuals to participate in a live Magecart attack session.

This experience will include an interactive attack in which participants will not only be learning about JavaScript and its related security risk, but actively attacking websites leveraging third-party JavaScript from their own desktops.

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