Spectro Cloud has announced support for existing Kubernetes environments, including Kubernetes-as-a-Service environments such as Amazon EKS, Azure AKS and Google GKE, has been added to the Spectro Cloud Kubernetes management platform.

Brownfield Kubernetes environments can now enjoy the same Spectro Cloud features as greenfield builds.

“Enterprises need vendors who can work with the world as it actually exists, not as they wish it was,” said Tenry Fu, co-founder and CEO of Spectro Cloud.

“By supporting brownfield environments, Spectro Cloud enables enterprises to get the benefits of consistent cloud management across clusters—in the cloud, on site or any combination—without having to completely rebuild their existing clusters,” Fu added.

By leaving existing core systems untouched, enterprises can add full lifecycle management capabilities to stack integrations on top of existing clusters.

Enterprises can add new capabilities and test out new approaches without discarding the existing, stable systems they’ve invested in.

Organizations can try out Spectro Cloud with existing Kubernetes clusters today by signing up for a free trial and exploring how Spectro Cloud makes cluster management at scale simpler, faster and more consistent.

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