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Spectro Cloud’s Latest Open Source Project Makes Bare Metal Kubernetes Manageable For The Enterprise

Kubernetes, Ship

Spectro Cloud has announced an open source CNCF Cluster API contribution supporting Canonical’s MaaS interface to help organizations easily deploy, run and manage Kubernetes clusters directly on top of bare metal servers, increasing performance and minimizing cost and operational effort.

The new contribution to the open source Kubernetes ecosystem bridges two paradigm shifts for Kubernetes: Cluster API, which enables comprehensive lifecycle management in a declarative manner for Kubernetes environments, and bare metal performance. It allows any team to use CNCF’s Cluster API to easily provision Kubernetes clusters on bare metal servers in any data center and manage them just like any other Kubernetes deployment target, without the extra hassle and risks, or additional technical skill sets.

The open source software can be used by IT and development teams that are interested in managing Kubernetes environments at scale and have or are interested in extending to bare metal servers.

Organizations moving to production Kubernetes with multiple projects can benefit from Spectro Cloud’s Cluster API provider for MaaS through simplified management, improved performance and lowered costs.

Spectro Cloud’s Cluster API provider for MaaS is free to download and can be used under an open source Apache 2.0 license.