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Spectro Cloud’s Palette Edge Helps IT And DevOps Teams To Add Edge Devices Easily


Spectro Cloud, a platform provider of modern Kubernetes (K8s) management, has announced its Palette Edge platform, extending the Palette Real Metal architecture released last year. Spectro Cloud’s core Palette platform is a modern approach to Kubernetes management, enabling organizations to easily manage the complete full stack of any combination of new or existing K8s cluster. Palette goes beyond the mere K8s infrastructure.

The platform includes the operating system and application services across virtualized or bare metal data centers, public clouds and now edge locations. It directly addresses the lack of an effective commercial solution, and offers cost-efficient, centralized management at scale for unsupervised edge locations, based on heterogeneous K8s distributions that run on bare metal single-server configuration.

The solution reduces the IT skills required for organizations to deliver modern applications at the edge.

Palette Edge enables IT and DevOps teams to: add edge devices easily and quickly with a “plug-and-play” approach; scale to virtually any number of K8s edge locations, without limits or performance deprivation, due to local at-cluster enforcement of policies; perform rolling upgrades even with single-server edge configurations, with no impact to the availability, due to a unique failsafe, zero-downtime capability; run both containerized and virtualized workloads on x86 and ARM-based edge devices; and deploy pre-validated and curated K8s stacks comprising any combination of distribution, operating system and add-on application services, while managing them consistently across day 0, day 1 and day 2 operations via a single control point and cloud-like experience.