What happens when artificial intelligence (AI) gives us a new sport? Well, it’s called Speedgate and it’s a mix of Rugby and Soccer, sprinkled with a little football and marinated with some field hockey.

Developed by a design agency called AKQA, Speedgate is “all about enjoyment, inclusivity, and sportsmanship.”

The agency, which works with hot brands like Nike and Beats, AI-assisted in the creation of the new sport for the recently held Design Week Portland. AKQA said it processed over 400 popular sports from around the world to achieve information about how they’re played, how they’re won, and what rules apply. But unlike neural networks doing automatic face replacements, the AI’s suggestions required some human guidance and refinement.

The agency said it used “deep learning algorithms, from text-generating RNNs to image-generating DCGANs, to create ideas for every aspect of this new, unique sport; from the gameplay, to the rules and even the logo.”

NVIDIA Tesla GPUs were used for both training their neural networks and inference. The models generated over 1,000 different sport concept outputs, rules and gameplay outputs, the company added.

Sounds interesting? Here are the rules of the game along with instructions (and even field measurements) so that you can easily start your own league.

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