This is a conversation with Viswajith Venugopal, Software Engineer at StackRox, about the release of their first open source project called KubeLinter.

Stackrox KubeLinter is a perfect example of an open-source. StackTox was trying to solve an internal problem with its own deployments of Kubernetes. One thing that StackRox developers struggled with when creating a new service was that there are way too many knobs and dials to turn in Kubernetes. It was too much of an unnecessary burden on developers to ensure everything was configured correctly for production. Misconficutions lead to not only performance issues but also security issues, which is not at all acceptable for a Kubernetes security company like StackRox.

The idea of KubeLinter came with a vision of shifting all this configuration work to a tool that can perform all these checks for developers. They looked around but couldn’t find a tool in the ecosystem that fulfilled their requirements. That’s when they saw an opportunity to create a new tool that will serve not only the company but the whole Kubernetes ecosystem.

KubeLinter also marks the first open-source code release from a company that has been actively contributing to open source and has not yet released its own code into open source. This is a major milestone for the company. Congrats! Welcome to the club, StackRox.

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