Starburst has announced general availability of its fully managed cloud offering, Starburst Galaxy, at the AWS Americas Summit. This comes after the beta product was released in February 2021.

Built on AWS, Starburst Galaxy removes the time and complexity associated with traditional data warehousing models that require data to be copied and ingested before being available for analysis. Instead, Galaxy allows you to query data where it lives and accelerate data-driven decision making.

Starburst Galaxy provides customers with access to familiar technologies and tools: query data from your data lake in Amazon S3 and AWS Glue Data Catalog using your favorite business intelligence or SQL-based tool.

It also offers complete lifecycle management of Trino clusters within your own Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). Other benefits include reduced data movement and copy burden for data engineers: provision and run your first SQL query in under an hour; and reduced infrastructure management overhead for data operations pros: transparent pricing based on per hour consumption and pay through AWS Marketplace.

Starburst Galaxy is now generally available on AWS, with additional cloud providers becoming available in the future.

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