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StarRocks Cloud Helps Simplify The Delivery Of Real-Time Analytics Projects


StarRocks has launched a cloud-native version of its SQL engine called StarRocks Cloud. The fully managed software as a service (SaaS) platform simplifies the delivery of real-time analytics projects and reduces the time to business value for enterprises.

StarRocks Cloud simplifies the commonly complex requirements of real-time analytics in the cloud, by eliminating complex data pipelines and denormalized tables. It also safely integrates with existing data infrastructure for seamless and secure operations.

With StarRocks Cloud, customers do not need to provision the hardware infrastructure or download software. According to the company, StarRocks Cloud also provides industry-leading query performance – with benchmark testing results showing a 3x to 5x performance gain compared to other vendors.

StarRocks brings all of this together in a single solution that makes enterprise-scale analytics faster, real-time capable, and cost-effective – supported by 360 Real-time data with data ingestion from streaming (Apache Kafka), real-time update support, realtime pre-aggregation using materialized view, and real-time query performance.

Additionally, native vectorized query engine delivers an effective pipeline execution leveraging massive parallelism of CPU cores and a memory and storage layer which enables 3x to 5x faster than ClickHouse, Apache Druid, and Apache Pinot.

StarRocks Cloud will be generally available at the Q3 of 2022 on AWS, with support for Google Cloud Platform to follow.