Nvidia’s Jetson Nano board is more than just a credit card size computer for miniature computers. It’s the beginning of a revolution where people will be targeting AI/ML-based use-cases.

“People start learning in schools and colleges, programming in Python. But going forward, people will not be programming computers, everything is going to have the capability to run AI. Everybody would be programming robots. With Jetson Nano, we are bringing that ability and to learn AI, to do hands-on AI, down to a level where everybody can do it, whether you are a high school student or in a university. Everyone will have access to the technologies and tools, and you can start your own AI journey. That is the way things are going to be programmed in the future,” said Amit Goel, Director of Product Management at Nvidia.

Goel joined us to deep dive into the strategy Nvidia has to democratize development for AI/ML with devices like Jetson Nano.

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