StormForge recently appointed Yasmin Rajabi as Vice President of Product. Rajabi will be focused on product development and management processes that deliver on customer and internal product delivery requirements. Her first priority is meeting with customers to understand their Kubernetes performance needs and use cases, understanding where they are and helping them get to where they want to be.

Rajabi was most recently senior director of product management at Puppet where her team was focused on delivering infrastructure automation to the Global 500.

Prior to Puppet, she held a variety of software engineering positions at Staples, including time as an engineering manager for the SRE team. She started coding as an intern during business school, which created a keen interest in programming and led her to attend Java boot camp out of a desire to learn more. Rajabi holds a BS in business management with dual concentrations in IT management at Marketing from Babson College.

StormForge’s latest product introduction, StormForge Optimize Live, is a new solution for automatically and intelligently improving the efficiency of production environments. Optimize Live analyzes existing observability data using machine learning to recommend real-time configuration changes that reduce resource usage and cost while ensuring application performance. T

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