Strapi has announced the release of Strapi v3.6, including the much anticipated Content internationalization (i18n) feature in the Community Edition. Community users can now manage their content in multiple languages for free and without limitations.

At StrapiConf, the company also shared a sneak peek of the Strapi v4 the team is currently developing. This new version will include a brand new design system and core APIs allowing the broader ecosystem to easily create and maintain new plugins.

With the Content Internationalization (i18n) feature, Community users are now able to:

  • Create multilingual websites or apps: Users can easily create and manage content in multiple languages and for multiple locales in Strapi.
  • Personalize and localize content: Users are now able to customize messages and content delivered to each target audience taking into account their language and geographical location. They are able to customize the content that is displayed for each locale of their content types.
  • Set up efficient publishing workflows: Through integrations with the Draft & Publish system and the Role Based Access Control feature, users can manage editing and publishing permissions per locales in their admin panel.
  • API evolution: Strapi has updated the API to let the users fetch content by the locale.

Pierre Burgy, co-founder and CEO of Strapi, added: “With such strong growth of the Strapi platform, we expect to be doubling our team by this time next year, driving even more innovation.”

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