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Strapi V4 Includes Plug-in APIs, New Query Engine And More


Strapi has announced the stable release of Strapi v4, including a new design system, user interface, plug-in API (application programming interface), database query engine, and improved REST and GraphQL API performance.

Strapi enables developers to build projects faster by providing a customizable API that gives them the freedom to use their favorite tools. Content teams can use Strapi independently to manage all types of content and distribute it from the central CMS to any channel, including websites, mobile apps, or connected devices.

With Strapi v4, community users are now able to easily create and maintain plug-ins thanks to a new programmatic API and an inclusive Design System optimized for accessibility, thus providing a much smoother experience for both developers and content managers.

The latest Strapi Community Edition also helps to:

  • Quickly migrate and upgrade between different Strapi versions.
  • Give full control to plug-in and application developers on data querying through a more flexible and powerful database query engine which also speeds up the development of new custom features.
  • Make the REST and GraphQL API simpler, more powerful and customizable.
  • Manage the access of the Content API through API Tokens administered from the admin panel to easily authenticate REST and GraphQL queries.
  • Quickly spot and fix errors in applications with standardized error codes and context.