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Stream Processing Will Become Mainstream | 2023 Prediction By Decodable


Guest: Eric Sammer (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Decodable (Twitter)

Decodable is a stream processing platform focussed on making it easier for developers and data engineers to take advantage of real-time data and streaming analytics for their applications. In this episode of 2023 Predictions, Eric Sammer, Founder and CEO of Decodable, shares his forecast for the industry this new year.

In 2023, Sammer predicts:

  • Stream processing will become mainstream.
  • more operational or online use cases going real time, and not just about ingesting data into the analytical stack vis-à-vis stream processing.
  • seeing more of the enterprise data infrastructure being pushed to vendors, enabling customers to focus not necessarily on bits and bytes and query engines, but around the business value that sits on top of it.

This year, Decodable will focus on

  • helping its customers deploy the right, underlying data infrastructure to power the analytics and let them do more.
  • increase its focus on developer experience in enterprise class features.

With the global economy stuttering and a slew of multinational companies announcing massive layoffs, Sammer believes it would be challenging for businesses to do more with less.

This summary was written by Monika Chauhan.