Streamlit, the creators of the powerful app framework for machine learning and data science, has announced the general availability of Streamlit 1.0.

Streamlit lets data scientists quickly build web apps to access and explore machine learning models, advanced algorithms and complex data types. These apps are used for everything from advanced analytics dashboards to sales and marketing tools based off of the latest predictive algorithms. According to the company, Streamlit’s workflow is 10x faster than other alternatives, making it possible for data scientists to go from idea to deployed app in only a few hours.

Streamlit 1.0 has added many powerful features since it was first introduced:

  • Improvements to app speed and responsiveness: Improvements to caching, switching to Apache Arrow for serialization and memory management updates have resulted in major gains for speed and responsiveness
  • Customization with app layout primitives and theming: Columns, sidebar, wide mode, expanders, dark mode and customizable themes mean that users can now lay out their apps and match it to their ideal style of company brand
  • Ability to create complex apps by adding statefulness: With the addition of Session State and forms, users can now choose when their app re-runs and it lets users do complex things like pagination, annotation or even creating games

The open source project has more than 16,000 GitHub stars, has been downloaded more than 4.5 million times and is used by more than 10,000 organizations, including more than half of the Fortune 50.

The company has also shared its roadmap for 2022 for Streamlit.

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