StreamNative, the cloud-native messaging and streaming platform founded by the original developers of Apache Pulsar, has announced StreamNative Cloud for Kafka, a managed solution that supports Kafka protocol but operates Apache Pulsar under the hood.

For the many organizations who have already adopted Kafka, they must weigh the costs to migrate to Pulsar. StreamNative Cloud for Kafka helps to make this easier. Organizations can now use a fully-compliant implementation of the Kafka protocol to alleviate Kafka pain points and to leverage the capabilities of Pulsar, one use case or team at a time.

In the longer-term, new applications, or applications that may not be an ideal for Kafka, can be moved to Pulsar to eliminate time spent building Kafka workarounds and to increase developer productivity. Additionally, the move to Pulsar, with its native multi-tenancy and geo-replication, enables different teams and different applications to safely share clusters, reducing infrastructure complexity.

StreamNative Cloud for Kafka is built on the open-source Kafka on Pulsar (KoP) technology. Tencent, the largest provider of Internet products and services in China, is both an adopter of KoP, and a contributor to the project.

StreamNative Cloud for Kafka is now available via a private beta.

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