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StreamNative Launches Enterprise Messaging And Streaming Platform Powered By Apache Pulsar


StreamNative, a cloud-native messaging and event streaming company powered by Apache Pulsar, has introduced StreamNative Platform. StreamNative Platform is an enterprise-ready, self-managed software offering of Apache Pulsar.

For companies who have not moved their infrastructure to the cloud, StreamNative platform enables them to run an enterprise-grade Pulsar service within their environment, offering complete data privacy and data ownership.

StreamNative Platform is a turn-key enterprise distribution of Apache Pulsar, including enterprise features, such as: enterprise-ready authentication and authorization, including OAuth2 support, structured audit log, vault integration, etc; Pulsar Kubernetes Operators that manages and operates Pulsar clusters on Kubernetes; Function Mesh that manages and runs Pulsar Functions and connectors on Kubernetes; and KoP, AoP, and MoP that provides full compatibility with the Kafka, AMQP, and MQTT API.

StreamNative Platform also enables hybrid cloud strategies. With StreamNative Platform, organizations can stream data between their on-premise data centers and cloud, creating a seamless experience across different environments.

As StreamNative CEO Sijie Guo puts it: “We launched StreamNative Cloud to enable companies to execute a multi-cloud strategy. With StreamNative Platform, we extend our vision from multi-cloud to hybrid cloud”.