Styra has announced new cloud infrastructure support via Terraform, extending Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS) guardrails to storage, network and compute resource configuration in public clouds including AWS, GCP and Azure.

With this addition, Styra DAS now provides a unified policy-as-code solution, built on OPA, to ensure cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes and service mesh deployments are secure and compliant. With Styra DAS and OPA, cloud and DevOps teams have a unified platform for authorization to mitigate risk, reduce human error and accelerate platform development.

With this control plane, teams can: eliminate ongoing management of custom tooling and speed deployment with a single policy framework for cloud infrastructure authorization; manage the entire lifecycle of the cloud platform from design to deployment; and also eliminate policy silos with a single platform for cross-team collaboration

Besides, they can automate configuration validation, deploy platform security based on proven standards, and prove compliance, as well as get started quickly with the only library of security policies built by the founders of OPA.

Styra DAS cloud infrastructure support via Terraform is now available to all Styra customers.

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