Styra has announced Styra Run, the new OPA-based authorization service to completely decouple policy logic and data from the underlying application. Designed for application development teams, this service provides enterprise-grade authorization to developers via a simple drop-in API, allowing teams to accelerate time to market, remove ongoing maintenance demands and improve end user experience.

According to the company, Styra Run frees software developers from the complex, time-consuming tasks of building, maintaining and operating their own authorization capabilities, collaboration features and permissions for each of their applications.

Styra Run features seamless integration into the application UI, API, and data layer, offloaded storage and global replication of end-user permissions data as well as pre-built OPA logic for application authorization use cases like adding sharing capabilities for consumer apps or team-based controls for enterprise apps.

Styra Run provides customers an enterprise-grade authorization service, available via simple drop-in APIs, for companies who build and manage SaaS applications. This service allows end users to control their own account and access permissions, and as such is equally valuable in both consumer and business applications.

Styra Run is currently available in private Beta.

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