HAProxy Technologies has introduced a new series of first-hand customer interviews that showcase how HAProxy Enterprise delivers a high-performance web experience.

The success story interviews explore how Booz Allen Hamilton, Criteo, DoubleVerify, Microsoft Yammer, Placewise Digital, and True.NL leverage HAProxy Enterprise to power secure and scalable architectures for some of the world’s most demanding websites and applications.

Customers shared their HAProxy Enterprise success stories through candid, open discussions of how their brands are meeting the ultra high-performance requirements of some of the world’s most demanding sites, streamlining the ever-changing application delivery landscape.

These interviews and case studies showcase how real users put HAProxy Enterprise into practice to simplify and secure their application delivery architectures.

Booz Allen, for instance, delivered a scalable and secure Recreation.gov website while modernizing the platform’s architecture with HAProxy Enterprise and the HAProxy Enterprise Kubernetes Ingress Controller.

Migrating away from legacy hardware load balancing appliances and WAFs, while maximizing for dynamic scaling, they generated significant cost savings, agility, and confidence in the platform.

Managing millions of requests per second, Criteo gained better performance and security between their microservices by developing a service mesh that uses HAProxy Enterprise as the sidecar load balancer, featuring TLS encryption, fast performance and rate limiting with detailed observability.

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