Sumo Logic, the SaaS analytics platform to enable reliable and secure cloud-native applications, has announced Predict for Metrics. When combined with existing capabilities in Sumo Logic, Predict for Metrics provides a comprehensive way to harness observability analytics to better predict variable applications, cloud and infrastructure usage and resource demands. As the company puts it, Predict for Metrics is designed to provide better visibility into production issues, system downtime, and uncontrolled cloud costs.

Similar to the existing predict operator for Logs, Predict for Metrics uses linear and autoregressive models to make predictions by harnessing past data points to predict future trends. It is a metrics query language operator, which allows users to visualize forecasted values and add resulting charts to Sumo Logic dashboards.

Sumo Logic was purpose-built to manage and analyze data from any source. Today, Sumo Logic extends that legacy by adopting OpenTelemetry as its de facto collection strategy to remove complexity in the collection and normalization of data. With Sumo Logic Distro for OT, a native OTel solution, customers no longer face vendor lock-in and can apply Sumo Logic flexibility and analytics to their vendor of choice.

With nearly 30 apps related to database, server, or infrastructure monitoring powered by OTel, Sumo Logic Distro for OT provides a single collector for telemetry. Now, with support for Windows, customers using Sumo Logic Distro for OT can gather logs, metrics, and traces from Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems, which can be configured utilizing the new onboarding workflows.

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