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1// SUSE beats Red Hat in terms of contribution

Matt Asay, a seasoned Open Source evangelist and head of the developer ecosystem at Adobe, provides an excellent overview of the companies that contribute to Open Source projects. According to the numbers he collected based on the work done by his colleague at Adobe, Fil Maj, he found that Mozilla topped the list with 39.9% contribution, followed by Pivotal (18.27%), SUSE (17.64%) and Red Hat (12.68%). Microsoft also made it to the list with 3.1%. The notable companies missing from the top 10 include names like Google and Intel.

However, the methodology is not accurate, as Asay admits, “Talking to developers at my own company, some developers opt not to include their employer in their profile—for a variety of reasons. Others have multiple accounts for the different types of work they do with GitHub. For these and other reasons, getting a 100% accurate count is impossible.”

But it does show us who is contributing more to open source.

Source: Tech Republic

…. to be continued

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