SUSE has announced new advancements that will empower customers to accelerate and scale edge infrastructures as well as transform edge operations. In conjunction with the new advancements for Rancher, SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) Micro and SUSE NeuVector, SUSE’s Edge solution brings a highly secure, integrated and scalable platform that simplifies, centralizes and automates Kubernetes and Linux OS lifecycle management across distributed edge locations.

To set customers up for success for the next generation of embedded edge devices and allow customers to scale, SUSE Edge 2.0 delivers a full range of cloud native edge management solutions with security seamlessly integrated across the full stack – from applications to Kubernetes to operating systems. With varying edge uses – general edge, telecom and automotive – that require additional capabilities, only SUSE provides a use case-based edge solution to match the exact needs of the customer.

The latest release of SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) Micro 5.3, which is a lightweight operating system purpose built for containerized and virtualized workloads, is now fully integrated with Rancher. Together with Rancher will provide seamless deployment of SLE Micro 5.3 and give customers the ability to manage operating systems and Kubernetes from one dashboard.

Additionally, with Elemental being fully open source, customers now have even more choices for underlying infrastructure.

With SUSE Edge 2.0, customers can securely implement edge applications at any remote location, in a mini-data center or as an Industrial IoT (IIOT) edge device.

New features with the upcoming release of Rancher 2.7 will help customers better secure and manage Kubernetes workloads across virtualized, cloud, and bare metal environments, including adding additional operating system management functionality.

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