Tigera has announced that SUSE has chosen to add open source Calico container network interface (CNI) plugin as an option to Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) 2, enabling consistent Kubernetes network policy definition and enforcement.

Calico provides highly scalable, high-performance and resource-efficient Kubernetes networking and security that works across multi-cloud and hybrid environments with support for multiple data planes, such as eBPF, Linux and Windows.

Due to be generally available later this year, RKE2 will enable enterprises to deploy Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure, including on premises, cloud, and near edge. Kubernetes’ networking, security, and observability for such deployments are critical to prevent an organization’s exposure to a multitude of security and compliance issues.

With Calico integrated as part of RKE2, users can secure, observe, and troubleshoot their Kubernetes environments across multiple data planes.

Also, enterprises can gain additional features in Calico Cloud and Enterprise, which are built on open source Calico, to help address performance hotspots, troubleshoot microservice communication, and do anomaly detection.

With Calico, users will be able to configure their RKE2 Kubernetes cluster for both network flow and security policy.

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