In its proposal to the openSUSE community, SUSE has suggested bringing the code streams of both SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE Leap closer together. The proposal includes SLE binaries for the community version.

According to the proposal, bringing the code streams closer together to provide full compatibility provides several advantages to the community going forward. These include the use of higher-quality code due to the clean-up of spec-files, an improved relationship between the two distributions, easier bug reporting, less code streams to maintain, extensively tested packages and the inclusion of SLE supported architectures like s390x.

The proposal provided a staged approach to implementing the vision:
• Merge the code bases for the intersection of openSUSE Leap 15.2 and SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP2 as much as possible without loss of stability or functionality. (SUSE has actually started merging from Leap into SUSE Linux Enterprise.)
• Create an intermediate openSUSE Leap flavor where SLE binaries are used inside (October 2020 time frame) in parallel to classic Leap 15.2.
• Build openSUSE Leap 15.3 with SLE binaries included by default (assuming community agreement).

The community has plans to discuss the proposal on how to bring the SLE binaries into a new build setup for Leap and would help to identify any issues that might change processes or workflows. The intermediate project build in OBS is expected to come in May.

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