Who is Swapnil Bhartiya?


I am a seasoned technology journalist and published science fiction writer. I specialize in emerging technologies, which often crosses paths with breakthroughs in science and culture.

I have been covering the tech industry for over 13 years covering topics including emerging technologies, machine learning, AI, space, open source, cybersecurity, gadget reviews (from smartphones to 3D printers, laptops and other consumer and prosumer grade equipment) and the impact of technology on our culture and society.

I have written thousands of articles, news items, reviews, tutorials and analysis for ace publications including, but not limited to:,,, NetworkWorld.con,, The New Stack, Linux Foundation,, Cloud Foundry, CNCF, Linux Pro, ADMIN Magazine, HPE Insights…and more.

I am a trained filmmaker and have created over 600 videos that are published on my YouTube channel as well as on channels of other publishers, including The New Stack. I am able to produce stories in both written and audio-visual formats. Interviewing thought leaders in tech is my latest passion, getting the stories straight from the horse’s mouth so to say.

I am extremely well connected with the industry and very resourceful. I am a very hands-on journalist who loves to play with new technology and gadgets, and sharing knowledge with others who want to learn.

I am a very well travelled journalist. I travel extensively and globally, multiple times per year, covering major tech events.

I am currently writing two novels exploring the impact of Trump on US society. I am planning to finish them before the midterm elections.

How did I get here? Self-made

I grew up in an urban town of India and wrote my first science fiction at the age of 13. I had had an in home electronics lab where I built new electronic devices. By the time I was 17, I started making money by writing science fiction, science articles and building and selling electronic projects. I published articles around building those projects. I was invited to All India Radio, a state-owned radio service where I recorded and broadcasted my stories.

I moved to New Delhi and graduated with a mass communication degree, specializing in video production around social and environmental issues.

Upon graduation, I joined the Electronics For You group to head EFYTimes as Assistant Editor. I transferred to Linux For You magazine and established my specialization in open source and emerging technologies.

In 2009 I moved to Germany and started my own tech website, and attended multiple tech events in Europe. In 2013, I moved to the USA and freelanced for several major tech publications. Today I publish in written and video format for over a dozen publications, run my own site, (TFiR) and a YouTube channel.


  • A Decade of Experience: More than 13 years of experience covering emerging technologies.
  • Hands on journalist: I try and test technologies, as much as possible, before writing about them. I talk to technologists who created those technologies to fully understand and communicate the scope. As a result, my stories are based on actual personal interaction with the technology and not just a 30 minute online research.
  • Widely Read: My stories have appeared in a multitude of leading publications including CIO, InfoWorld, Network World, The New Stack, Linux Pro Magazine, ADMIN Magazine, HPE Insights, Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine, SweetCode, Linux For You, Electronics For You and more.
  • A Career Built on Relationships: I maintain strong relationships with both sides of the tech world – the community side (developers) and the executive side (CEOs). These relationships provide me with access to in-depth technical details for technology articles, as well as expert insights for business articles.
  • Mix of science, tech and fiction: As a science fiction writer, I am very much interested in breakthroughs in science and emerging technologies.
  • Packaging stories in entertaining consumable formats: I present my stories in formats that are easy to consume, demystifying tech and explaining things to target audiences in an language that they understand.

Some of the events I have covered recently in person:

  • Open Source Summit (Vancouver 2018, Los Angeles 2017 and annually since 2010)
  • VMware World (Las Vegas)
  • Mobile World Congress (Barcelona)
  • Microsoft Connect (New York)
  • Red Hat Summit (San Francisco)
  • DataWorks Summit (San Francisco)
  • SUSECON (Prague)
  • DockerCon (Denmark)
  • Open IoT Summit (Portland)
  • OpenStack Summit (Australia)
  • openSUSE Con (Nuernberg)
  • KubeCon (Denmark)
  • CoreOS Fest (Berlin)
  • SCALE 14X (Pasadena)
  • FOSDEM (Brussels)
  • Open Networking Summit (California)