Sysdig has acquired Apolicy to shift security further left and expand the Sysdig offering to include Infrastructure as code (IaC) security. As part of the acquisition, the Apolicy team, including the founders Maor Goldberg, CEO, Eran Leib, VP Product Management, and Shlomi Wexler, VP R&D will join the Sysdig team. Also, the Apolicy product offering will be incorporated as part of the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform.

Sysdig customers secure the DevOps cycle from build through production. Apolicy complements these capabilities by strengthening cloud and Kubernetes security with compliance and governance enforcement via policy as code, auto-remediation of drift to close the loop from production to source, and faster issue resolution with risk-based prioritization.

Apolicy provides the ability to apply consistent policies and best practices across multiple IaC, cloud and Kubernetes environments. Customers can now bridge the gap between developers, DevOps and security teams with a unified view of security requirements using policy as code.

Automating compliance by enforcing OPA-based policies via Kubernetes admission controller puts the control back in the hands of the user.

With the addition of Apolicy, customers can now also detect runtime drift and instantly map it back to the IaC configuration (source) file.

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