Tecton has announced that it will become a core contributor to Feast and allocate engineering and financial resources to the project to build advanced capabilities.

Feast is the open source feature store for machine learning (ML) that bridges data and models and allows ML teams to deploy features to production quickly and reliably.

Tecton’s contributions to Feast will offer users the freedom to choose between open source software and commercial software.

As part of today’s announcement, Feast creator Willem Pienaar will be joining Tecton. He will remain fully-committed to Feast and an official maintainer of the project; Feast will continue to be an independent open source project managed by the LF AI & Data Foundation, part of the Linux Foundation.

Tecton and Feast will build a simple migration path that will give users the freedom to transition between Feast open source software and the Tecton feature store.

Tecton and Feast will have fully compatible serving APIs to make the migration transparent to models and applications.

Feast was developed jointly by Gojek and Google Cloud. Since its initial release in 2019, Feast has grown rapidly, with multiple companies. These include Microsoft, Agoda, Farfetch, Postmates and Zulily adopting and/or contributing to the project. The project has more than 1,100 GitHub stars.

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