Teleport 10 Features End-To-End Passwordless Solution For Infrastructure Access


Teleport, a provider of identity-based infrastructure access management, has announced the latest version of its Teleport Access Plane offering. Teleport 10 features Passwordless Access, a single sign-on infrastructure access solution that completely eliminates the need for usernames, passwords, private keys, and other secrets.

Integrating secure biometric solutions such as TouchID, Windows Hello, Yubikey BIO, and other biometric hardware, Teleport 10 offers scalable identity-based access while greatly reducing the probability of lost, shared or stolen credentials. Teleport Passwordless Access is based on the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance WebAuthn standard of biometrics solutions and provides not only best-in-class security but also best-in-class user experience. Teleport recently joined the Alliance and this product release aims to extend FIDO’s mission of making biometric passwordless authentication the standard across all infrastructure.

Teleport 10 enables single sign-on to any infrastructure resource without passwords, usernames or other digital secrets like SSH keys. By authenticating with a physical attribute such as a fingerprint, users can gain access to protected resources like Linux or Windows servers, databases, Kubernetes clusters, and internal private applications. Biometric attributes read using specialized hardware create a single identity which cannot be shared, lost or stolen.

New in Teleport 10, Just-in-time Resource Access Requests allow an engineer to request access to one or more individual resources when they need it and have the request approved automatically based on policy or via modern tools like Slack or Jira, making it possible to implement zero standing privileges without impacting productivity.

By expanding Machine ID support for Kubernetes clusters and databases, Teleport 10 protects critical resources from unauthorized access by microservices and other applications that may have been compromised.

Teleport 10 also adds support for five additional databases to the already long list of supported offerings: Snowflake, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Amazon Elasticache, and Amazon MemoryDB.