Teleport Launches Identity Governance And Security Solution


Teleport recently announced the availability of Teleport Identity Governance and Security to secure and govern services, and user identities across multiple clouds, environments and SaaS applications. The new product called Teleport Connect, reduces attack response times by providing customers with a control plane that maps each and every access point and identity in an organization’s entire infrastructure.

By implementing Teleport Identity Governance and Security, organizations can gain the necessary visibility and control into all the access points of their entire infrastructure, making it possible to reduce the attack surface area, identify weak access patterns and quickly mitigate identity threats.

The benefits to deploying the Teleport Identity Governance and Security Platform include:

  • Reduced attack surface area: Teams can grant, review and auto-provision access on demand. Access then automatically expires after a predetermined period of time, reducing the risk of a breach;
  • Identifying weak access patterns: Access monitoring provides visibility into privileged access points for critical data and infrastructure, allowing teams to chart and address potential weak points; and,
  • Responding to identity threats: Teams can take immediate action by locking suspicious or compromised identities and stop them in their tracks, across the entire organizational infrastructure.