Teradata has launched a new generative AI capability called ask.ai for VantageCloud Lake. The natural language interface is designed to allow anyone with approved access to ask questions of their company’s data and receive instant responses from VantageCloud Lake, the most complete cloud analytics and data platform for AI.

By reducing the need for complex coding and querying, ask.ai can dramatically increase productivity, speed and efficiency for technical users and expands analytic use to non-technical roles, who can now also use Teradata’s powerful, cloud-native platform to sift through mountains of data and draw insights. The increased use of data and analytics via VantageCloud Lake can drive breakthrough innovations that positively impact business results.

VantageCloud Lake’s generative AI capabilities in ask.ai enable employees with approved access, from any function and at any level, to analyze and visualize data, analyze metadata, map tables for joining, generate code and more. Even technical experts should experience benefits: system administrators can save time and increase productivity by simply asking questions, and data scientists may see accelerated development and productivity by eliminating the need to manually write code. For every scenario and role, Teradata’s strong governance capabilities are designed to ensure appropriate access and security.

Teradata ask.ai is currently available for select VantageCloud Lake on Azure customers. Expanded access, via private preview, to VantageCloud Lake on AWS is forthcoming and general availability for all VantageCloud Lake customers is expected in the first half of 2024.

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