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Tetrate Service Express Simplifies Service Mesh For Amazon EKS


Tetrate, the company accelerating enterprise service mesh adoption, driving zero-trust architecture and reducing hybrid cloud complexity, has announced Tetrate Service Express (TSE). The new platform is targeted at enterprises using a service mesh on Amazon EKS who want to use cloud-native and open source Istio and Envoy Proxy.

TSE is designed specifically for teams that need to quickly prove the technical and business benefits of a service mesh for Amazon EKS without having to master the complexities of Istio and Envoy or creating technical debt when managing open source software. The solution automates zero-trust principles enforcement, failover across clusters and regions and service discovery.

Unlike open source Istio and Envoy, TSE does not require advanced skills and custom code to achieve resilience and security. In fact, TSE is the only offering based on open source software and optimized for AWS, pre-integrated with the most popular AWS services to get users up and running in minutes.

TSE delivers pre-built service resilience and security, including cross-cluster and cross-region failover, with mTLS enabled by default without additional configuration. It’s easy to experiment with and operate TSE in production with GitOps, metrics, events, logs and traces available instantly. The new offering is ready to scale across the enterprise, as it’s easily migratable to the company’s full-featured enterprise offering, Tetrate Service Bridge, for future cross-cloud, multi-tenancy and VM-based workload needs.

TSE further expands the Tetrate service mesh product family, cementing Tetrate as the only company to offer service mesh for every size of user. Products include:

  • Tetrate Istio Distribution (TID) offers Istio open source to users
  • Tetrate Istio Subscription (TIS) offers the support and services enterprises need for successful deployment
  • TSE offers Istio service mesh for AWS, integrated into EKS
  • Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB) offers multi-cluster, multi-cloud, multi-team application connectivity and security

TSE is designed to offer an easy-to-deploy option on EKS with the most popular integrations to AWS services so DevOps and DevSecOps teams can start fast and quickly gauge the ROI of an Istio-powered service mesh across their enterprise.

TSE is now available in tech preview.