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TFiR Newsletter: No Radical Changes


Here are your daily news updates for October 11, 2019, in which we curate some of the top stories from the DevOps & Open Source world.

1/ Richard Stallman has issued a brief statement saying that there will not be any radical changes in the GNU Project’s goals, principles and policies. Stallman wrote: “As Chief GNUisance, I’d like to reassure the community that there won’t be any radical changes in the GNU Project’s goals, principles and policies. I would like to make incremental changes in how some decisions are made, because I won’t be here forever and we need to ready others to make GNU Project decisions when I can no longer do so. But these won’t lead to unbounded or radical changes.” (LWN)

2/ CloudBees has launched a new partner program that expands ISV partners’ ability to align with CloudBees offerings and the global Jenkins community. The Technical Alliance Partner Program (TAPP) will energize CloudBees’ partner ecosystem with new programs and tighter connections, helping ISVs create new revenue streams and further develop their DevOps businesses. APP includes 27 launch partners and introduces three new go-to-market tiers to better address growth opportunities in the evolving DevOps market.(DevOps)

3/ SAP Embraces Serverless Computing Frameworks. SAP has begun to make available extensions to its cloud platform that enable customers to leverage a framework running on top of Kubernetes to invoke serverless computing frameworks. The framework is based on the open source Kyma project spearheaded by SAP. Thomas Grassl, vice president for developer relations and the SAP Community, says SAP expects developers to make extensive use of serverless computing frameworks running on public clouds to not only dynamically invoke additional compute resources when needed, but also reduce the size of their applications by relying on functions as a service to, for example, run an analytics process. (Container Journal)

4/ SAP’s chief executive Bill McDermott will not renew his employment contract at the German database software maker. The exec has confirmed that after nearly a decade at the top of the company, he will remain on board in an advisory capacity until the close of 2019, when he finally relinquishes all control. “Every CEO dreams of being able to transition a company to its next generation from a position of significant strength,” said McDermott in a prepared remark. (The Register)

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