TFiR Video Influencer Partnership

“A Video Is Worth A Million Words”

Videos are the king of digital marketing. We make your story impactful and influential with high-quality videos which help cut through the noise of crowded space to reach your audience. We create a continuous stream of rich video content that increases awareness and visibility to strengthen your position within the ecosystem. Our services give you an edge over your competitors.

Our shows are hosted by seasoned tech journalist, Swapnil Bhartiya, to ensure that our content is not fluff marketing but rich and in-depth to serve your audience. Your customers.

More for your bucks 

In addition to recording and producing content, we distribute it via our YouTube channel and offer licensed copy of content which you can use in many different ways:

  • Unbranded clips from our videos are used by your marketing teams in their newsletter and customer presentations.
  • You can use transcripts from our videos to write blog posts
  • Use our service to produce demos
  • Entertain your valuable customers through Success Story videos focussed on THEM.
  • Use our social media clips on your own social media pages
  • Compliment your press releases with in-depth video content
  • White label content for internal usage

Our Reach = Your Reach

Our primary audience is Practitioners: Developers, DevOps teams, SRE teams, DevSecOps teams and of course c-level executives.

  • 13 million views on the TFIR YouTube channel
  • Nearing 24,000 subscribers
  • Consistently growing subscriber base at the rate of 100-200 subscribers per month
  • 2+ million views per year and growing
  • 23 million impressions across all platforms per year
  • Over 103,000 hours watched annually

Plans & Pricing

We focus on start-up so we have the most competitive pricing in the industry. Our pricing allows you to continue to work with in-house content creating teams, in-house video teams and PR agencies. Our budget comes from a fraction of the budget spent on these teams. If you don’t yet have these teams or a PR agency, our pricing leaves you a lot of room to also hire these professionals. It’s a win-win.

We offer monthly subscription plans to keep the overhead cost to ZERO. You can easily upgrade or downgrade tiers as your needs change. You are not locked into a yearly commitment, you can cancel anytime you want*.

Each tier offers a certain amount of Recording slots. You can record them as and when you need them. These slots never expire, as long as you remain a paying member.

Tier/Content Silver Gold Diamond
Recording Slots 8 / Year 16 /year Up to 24/year
Total Media Assets/ year ~ 60+ media assets/year 120 media assets/year 240 media assets/year
All Main Shows*
Topic Of The Month Show**
Special Shows (prediction videos)
Summary Clips
Social Media Clips
Licensed media clips x
Event Coverage *** x
Branded Shows x 1 2
Cost: Monthly Billing Contact Us for Pricing Contact Us for Pricing Contact Us for Pricing

Main Shows

  • Let’s Talk: Flagship, talk-show style interviews to cover a wide range of topics.
  • TFiR NewsRoom: Short and focused interviews to deep-dive into company announcements and press releases.
  • TFiR Panels: Online panel discussions (max 4 guests).
  • TFiR Demo/Tutorials: Short and tightly scripted/edited demos and tutorials presented by client talent, produced by TFiR.
  • Case Studies/Success Stories: Joint interviews with your customer to highlight their stories and how they leverage your technologies.

Special Shows

  • T3M (Topic Of The Month): A new monthly show launched in 2023. We select one topic each month and invite partners to participate in the show. We release individual interviews as well as mash-up videos to share different opinions on the same topic. All tiers will get access to T3M.
  • Prediction Video Series: A yearly series of prediction videos.
  • To The Point Clips: Focussed clips on key segments from the produced video. Note: Clips (To The Point, LinkedIn/Twitter and Licenced media) are not offered for T3M and Prediction Videos

A-La-Carte Items

  • We also offer our content as a-la-carte items including interviews, social media clips, licenced summary clip and transcripts. Event coverage is also available for special pricing.

*** Note: We offer on-site coverage of company events.