As President-elect Joe Biden‘s team is all set to begin the official transition process after weeks of delay, a secret job advert has been spotted in the source code of its buildbackbetter.gov transition website.

As reported by Newsweek, an anonymous “hacktivist” called The Jester spotted the secret advert.

The Jester tweeted the highlighted section of the HTML code, which has the hidden advert on the buildbackbetter.gov website.

“NICE!!! In the rendered source code of president-elect @joebiden’s https://buildbackbetter.gov website,” the Jester posted on Twitter.

He added: “This harkens back to the likes of the UK’s MI5 and MI6 who I believe used to recruit the type of people they were looking for by publishing obscure crossword and puzzle competitions in newspapers.”

After recently changing the address of their transition website (to a US government domain), Biden’s team has now kicked off the recruitment for different jobs across the federal government.

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