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The Konveyor Project Refocuses On Replatforming And Refactoring


Open source project Konveyor is now aimed at creating tools and practices focused on modernizing and migrating applications to the hybrid cloud. In 2021, Red Hat and IBM Research together announced the creation of Konveyor. To match the challenges in the real world, the community’s emphasis will be centered on: Replatforming and Refactoring. The unified experience is intended to help users make the best informed business decisions surrounding application modernization.

  • Replatforming, or making changes in order for an application to run in a container on a Kubernetes platform, but avoiding core architectural and code changes.
  • Refactoring, which is rewriting and re-architecting an application to be cloud-native, such as moving a traditional application to a serverless architecture

To help achieve this extended mission, Konveyor’s technologies will also evolve, leading to:

  • The tool previously known as Tackle will become Konveyor and the capabilities of Move2Kube will be integrated into this new version of Konveyor. Crane and Forklift will be moved into separate GitHub repositories and projects.
  • Konveyor will focus on being the toolkit for replatforming and refactoring applications.

The Konveyor operator, which will reflect this new emphasis, will be available both on for upstream Kubernetes distributions and the OperatorHub flavor available in OpenShift in late April.

Based on this refocused version of the Konveyor project, Red Hat recently launched Migration Toolkit for Applications 6.0. This toolkit allows Red Hat OpenShift customers to benefit from faster, safer legacy application portfolio modernization.