Guest: Michel Tricot (LinkedIn)
Company: Airbyte (Twitter)

Airbyte helps companies unify their data integration pipelines into one open source, fully managed platform. In this episode of 2023 Predictions, Co-Founder and CEO Michel Tricot shares his industry forecast for the new year.

In 2023, Tricot predicts:

  • Companies will change their data strategy and focus on the fundamentals. Because data issues have a huge impact on their business, they will require improved data quality, more lineage, and stronger internal processes to leverage solutions in the market. Open source will continue to be a key driver for these projects.
  • Companies will use more data warehouses, which means more in-house connectors will need to be built to get databases, internal APIs data directly into these warehouses.
  • The line between data warehouses and data lakes will become blurry.

Airbyte will focus on

  • Addressing the long tail and customizability of the platform
  • Giving customers more control over data by moving the execution of the data movement directly into their infrastructure.

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