Thundra.io has announced the launch of its Sidekick IntelliJ IDEA Plugin to enable developers to deliver the cloud applications for cloud debugging and distributed tracing capabilities, in pre-production environments.

Thundra eliminates the need for multiple tools for pre-production environments. Developers who embrace DevOps and are motivated to solve the pains of pre-production issues in cloud applications.

According to the company, they can now use Thundra to prioritize which code to test, eliminate problems in production thereby minimizing the need for on-call response, increase productivity, and deliver robust and resilient applications.

Thundra’s IntelliJ IDEA Plugin enables developers to set tracepoints from the IDE. It reduces time in digging the log files for cloud debugging. Thundra’s cloud debugger gets connected to code repository (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) and lets the developer set tracepoints for any application running on any cloud platform.

Integrated with distributed tracing, the tool connects the tracepoints in several services in the same distributed transaction.

Thundra will soon let developers reload the small code changes (null checks, wrong logical operators/comparisons etc.) without re-deploying it.

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