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Tigera Announces Upgrades To Calico Open Source, Calico Cloud


Tigera has announced upgrades to Calico Open Source and Calico Cloud centered around the security, performance, and scalability of Kubernetes deployments for enterprises.

Calico Cloud now provides a Security Score and Recommended Actions for cloud-native applications. This gives administrators a quantified, at-a-glance view of their organization’s security posture by monitoring historical trends, risks by namespace, and more.

Crucially, the feature also provides actionable recommendations tailored to each workload, strengthening the security of individual workloads and the entire cluster.

The Calico Open Source Windows HostProcess Container feature addresses operational challenges by enabling automated node pool scaling and upgrades, eliminating the need for manual node initialization. This empowers Kubernetes administrators to streamline operations and focus on the management of Windows container-based applications. Tigera is the first to provide native support for Windows HostProcess Containers, simplifying Kubernetes management for enterprises.

Enterprise-class applications demand scalable, high-performance networking. Calico meets this need with its introduction of IPv6 support for the eBPF dataplane. IPv6 and eBPF alleviate IP shortages and enhance performance, ensuring that latency-sensitive applications perform optimally.

As the leading container networking solution for Kubernetes, Calico’s IPv6 support on the eBPF dataplane ensures scalable, high-performance networking and security to address the demands of modern applications across diverse cloud and distributed environments.

Multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments over VxLAN are on the rise, driving the need for enhanced application layer observability and security. However, current manual approaches lack scalability.

Calico meets this demand with Kubernetes Cluster Mesh for VxLAN, providing a scalable solution for workload communication and security policy enforcement across Kubernetes clusters over VxLAN. As large and leading-edge enterprises accelerate deployments to enhance their services at scale, they have encountered management challenges that can put their environments at risk. Calico provides an operationally simple solution to create a Kubernetes cluster mesh to ensure enterprise infrastructure can run multi-cluster environments efficiently, securely, and compliantly – no matter the complexity.

Calico provides a centralized multi-cluster management plane to enable security, observability, and networking management across multiple clusters in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Calico brings the same capabilities expected from single cluster environments to those with multiple clusters, enabling Calico to scale to any enterprise’s needs.