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Tigera’s Calico Cloud Now Actively Mitigates Risks In Cloud-Native Applications


Tigera has introduced the active cloud-native application security that goes beyond detecting threats to limit exposure – enforcing strict verification for workload access for better prevention – and ability to mitigate risks in real time. The Tigera cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP), Calico Cloud, takes an active approach to security by bringing zero-trust principles to reduce the application’s attack surface.

Calico Cloud introduces a new scanning engine to continuously assess images for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. It extends observability capabilities by correlating image scan results to provide a real-time view of the images running in Kubernetes clusters and any potential risk associated with them.

It also delivers active security during build and deploy time with an admission controller, which can automatically block the deployment of pods that contain high-severity vulnerabilities.

Calico Cloud is built on Calico Open Source. With its integrated policy engine, Calico mitigates the risk from exposure by deploying corrective security policies as code that can alert, pause, quarantine, or terminate pods.

Calico Cloud and Enterprise are now available from Tigera and its partners.