Tosibox, a company that specializes in securing IoT connectivity, remote maintenance and network management, has added support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to its Tosibox Hub platform in a new product update (v2.4.1) that will be released on Wednesday, March 25th.

  • Tosibox said its infrastructure solution for operational technology (OT) networking improves the security of connections between devices, users and cloud services.
  • With this update Tosibox offers an entirely software-based solution comprising Tosibox Virtual Central Lock with support for AWS and Azure, and the recently launched Tosibox Lock for Container that enables secure connectivity inside any OT device.
  • Tosibox technology provides two-way communication, enabling secure data acquisition and easy remote maintenance with the same solution.
  • The hub for Tosibox operational infrastructure turns the Tosibox ecosystem into a controlled OT network of always-on, two-way, VPN connections for remote maintenance, continuous monitoring, real-time data collection and data logging.
  • The Virtual Central Lock cuts access management work time from days into minutes, enabling easy management of large-scale networks without special IT skills, the company added.


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