Traceable AI Enhances Its API Catalog Solution


Traceable AI has announced an enhanced API Catalog solution to enable organizations to overcome their challenges with API discovery and risk assessment. Inventory of assets is the bedrock of every security program, and the first step in an API security journey begins with knowing your APIs. Security leaders need to automatically and continuously discover all APIs, identify sensitive data flows, and assess API risk exposure to manage API-related security threats. This calls for an actionable API Catalog that provides capabilities beyond traditional API discovery and inventory tools.

Organizations must be able to uncover sensitive data flows, perform conformance analysis, and assess the business risk of their APIs to proactively identify and evaluate the vulnerabilities used in their business logic.

Traceable AI’s enhanced API Catalog provides three main benefits to Security, DevOps and Compliance teams: Security teams get a real-time API catalog, including risk assessment of all the APIs and the associated data so they can obtain a comprehensive view of their attack surface and risk posture. This helps them prioritize API security issues that must be addressed.

CI/CD integrations allow DevOps teams to address security issues the same way they would address quality issues in the testing process. With API Catalog, they can identify problems early in non-production environments and quickly fix them, as finding issues in production is far more expensive and time-consuming to remediate.

Most IT controls require an accurate and current API inventory. Now, with API Catalog, GRC teams have a real-time, accurate API inventory and visibility into sensitive data exposure, particularly as they answer to regulatory bodies. With the API Catalog, they can track all data correlated across disparate systems. This results in comprehensive audits and compliance efficiency.

Traceable AI offers API Catalog in 3 tiers: free, team, and enterprise.