We take electricity for granted. In fact, we take most utilities for granted. But with our increasing reliance on electricity to keep the modern society running, and the emergence of electricity-generating platforms like Solar Roof and Tesla Powerwall, the energy sector is feeling the heat to embrace open source and modern technologies to go through the same kind of transformation that telcos went through.  LF Energy is driving the movement by bringing players from the energy sector together to innovate and collaborate. Recurve is one of the first members of LF Energy that had open source in its DNA from day one. Matt Golden, CEO and Founder of Recurve, joins us to discuss how the energy sector is slowly but steadily embracing open source technologies, how the existing and old models don’t work for the sector and what the future looks like for the sector.

Guest: Matt Golden
Company: Recurve
Show: Let’s Talk

[su_note note_color=”#000″ text_color=”#fff”]Recurve’s platform can identify the available resource potential behind customer meters, then deploy programs and markets based on an hourly price signal that leverages marketplace innovation to scale up this essential resource.[/su_note]

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