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Traefik Labs Launches New Cloud Service To Help Developers Get Secured Public Access To Containers Instantly


Traefik Labs has launched a new cloud service offering that eliminates the complexity of management and automation of Kubernetes and Docker networking at scale. With Traefik Hub, organizations can instantly publish and secure containers for external access from the internet, all from a single dashboard.

Traefik Hub is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that eliminates manual configuration of DNS, routing rules, access control, and NAT that are required to access and protect services on the internet.

According to the company, the automated set up is faster and uses networking best practices to help minimize the attack surface and improve security. Traefik Hub integrates with Traefik Proxy in both Kubernetes and Docker environments.

With the Traefik Hub platform, customers are able to install the Hub lightweight agent, select services, and get secured public access to containers in seconds, access containers through secured tunnels, deploy industry-standard authentication, and automate TLS certificate management; and start with a single cluster and scale to multiple clusters managed by a centralized Hub dashboard.

The Traefik Hub beta is available now and free of charge.