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TriggerMesh Announces Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification


TriggerMesh has announced the immediate availability and certification of TriggerMesh Cloud Native Integration Platform and AWS Event Sources for OpenShift.

“TriggerMesh Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification means that users can now link events from anywhere to OpenShift workloads,” said TriggerMesh co-founder and Head of Product Sebastien Goasguen. “TriggerMesh is effectively breaking the silo from the cloud to the enterprise.”

  • By receiving official Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification, TriggerMesh brings Amazon EventBridge-like functionality to the OpenShift ecosystem allowing developers to trigger functions across clouds and legacy data centers.
  • With this announcement, Triggermesh’s cloud native integration platform allows for workloads on the Red Hat OpenShift ecosystem to be executed when events happen in the data center or in the cloud allowing legacy systems and the public cloud to interact seamlessly.
  • TriggerMesh’a cloud native integration platform coordinates multiple cloud services and legacy applications into serverless workflows. TriggerMesh accelerates development speed and unifies multiple clouds and legacy infrastructure.

Click here to download the TriggerMesh Red Hat certified OpenShift operator.