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TriggerMesh has announced broad support for AWS EventBridge as well as bi-directional integrations with SaaS and on-premises applications.

TriggerMesh enhances new EventBridge functionality by providing a way for cloud native developers to consume and enrich events using AWS infrastructure and then forward the events to other cloud services and data center applications.

According to the company, TriggerMesh from day one can act as a broker for these events to dozens of cloud services including Salesforce, Datadog, Twilio, Sendgrid, Elastic, and including off the shelf or custom on premises applications through one consistent cloud native platform.

TriggerMesh had previously teamed with AWS to provide integrations from on-premises and SaaS applications to Amazon EventBridge to make it easy to create cloud native workflows from a combination of web services.

The new functionality enables AWS users to send events to numerous event consumers or targets via TriggerMesh in addition to sending them back to Amazon without writing a single line of code.

For cloud operators who prefer a declarative API like they use with Cloud Formation infrastructure-as-code, they can use the TriggerMesh declarative API to deploy integrations-as-code.

This capability enables users to create and deploy automated event-driven workflows between AWS and a variety of popular cloud services and even create custom integrations with their existing on-premises applications and microservices.

Cloud operators can also deploy integrations using their CI/CD loops to automate the deployment of applications, services and integrations between them using TriggerMesh.

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