TriggerMesh, a cloud native integration platform provider, has launched a new open-source AWS EventBridge alternative project called Shaker. Driven by trends such as platform engineering and serverless, there are more and more events being made programmatically available to developers than ever before. Shaker from TriggerMesh captures, transforms, and delivers events from many out-of-the-box and custom event sources in a unified manner.

TriggerMesh’s new release provides many of the same capabilities as AWS EventBridge but is open-source, can run anywhere that has Docker or Kubernetes, and is designed to capture events from all cloud providers as well as SaaS or custom applications.

TriggerMesh captures, transforms, and delivers events, without needing to write a single line of code, all while providing guarantees that events will be safely delivered. Developer productivity is amplified by the intuitive new CLI and simplified operations of the new Broker.

The Shaker project from TriggerMesh offers:

  • Unified eventing: TriggerMesh provides a unified way to work with events (using the CloudEvents specification) and provides access to the most popular event sources and targets in AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform out of the box.
  • Easy transformations: TriggerMesh includes a transformation engine based on a simple DSL, but also offers code-based transformations when more flexibility is needed.
  • Maintainable over time: make changes to TriggerMesh simply by updating configuration, no deep dives into code and no complex build cycle. Easily onboard new people. Implement GitOps-style workflows.
  • Agility, scalability, reliability: As TriggerMesh decouples producers and consumers and handles reliable delivery between them, it is easy to add and remove consumers and producers, and scale them independently.
  • Easily embedded into existing platforms or products: Can be added to any existing K8s cluster or simply run with Docker, providing the flexibility needed to embed and integrate with existing software (Apache 2.0 license).

TriggerMesh’s new open-source AWS EventBridge alternative is now available.

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